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Brand Storytelling


People prefer brands with a story. The better you can tell your story, the more effective is the power of your subsequent communications to engage, inspire and stand out from others.

We work in an age with an explosion of communications with everything from news releases and tweets to blog posts and 24 hour rolling news competing for our attention. Rather than being something fluffy and twee, effective Brand Storytelling is increasingly the difference between success and failure in communications - at both strategic and tactical levels.

Every organisation has a core story and series of stories about what makes them tick, burn with passion. Yet sadly, for most their communications is just ticking over. The better everyone in the organisation understands the core brand story, while in turn, bringing it alive, the more powerful the communication becomes.

Our Brand Storytelling Workshop is a journey to transform how you communicate to transform the impact, results and legacy of your communications. It’s a proven format used with major international brands, giving you the understanding, the tools and the spark to transform your messages.

Are you now listening?