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Asset International Ltd.: An integrated marketing approach

Asset International is the UK and Ireland's leading manufacturer and UK licensee of the Weholite range of structured wall products, the largest diameter high density polyethylene pipes on the market.

Asset has always pushed boundaries, not only when it comes to the products and services it offers but its people. So naturally it was looking for an innovative and creative marketing strategy to match. The fact that Asset operates within the manufacturing industry was not going to constrain us, we wanted to veer away from traditional conservative approach.

  • Our overriding aim was to boost the Weholite brand, not just the product, but the people behind it to support business growth. Specifically targeting the housing, water and construction markets, we created a campaign that would be revolutionary within the industry in which Asset operates. 

What we did

The marketing strategy for 2012 was based upon the seven triggers of Fascination.

  • Advertising: We created an advertising campaign for 2012 based on the theme ‘fascination’. Once the adverts were designed they featured every month consistently in WETNews, a leading publication in the water industry. This enabled us to create intrigue and curiosity around the Weholite brand

  • Through the PR medium Asset utilised the company’s innovative projects with case studies. ‘Thought leadership’ pieces were draft to create alarm, discussing gender balance in the water industry, a sensitive subject not often discussed due to sensitivity of the subject, as well as other feature articles that positioned Asset as industry experts

  • Marketing collateral: An annual magazine that features, news, case studies, technical articles, community projects and accreditations was created under the title of 21 days. Working Word designed and created the magazine as an addition to the marketing campaign and distributed it to key customers through the medium of WETnews magazine.


The aim of the campaign was to raise brand awareness and increase revenue.
Figures include:

  • Sales: The initial projection was a 5% increase; however, we delivered a rate of 16%

  • Website: After setting the goal for a 100% increase in website traffic, achieving an average of 1200 visitors a month of which 20% were new visitors, resulted in a 200% increase, double the initial target

  • Brand awareness: The company has seen a 15% increase in inbound sales enquiries, and Google Analytics shows that people are increasingly searching for the terms ‘Weholite’ and ‘Asset’ as a direct result of our efforts rather than generic broad searches such as ‘large plastic pipes’.