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Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster: Getting our claws into Cardiff’s dining scene

To help the cult restaurant chain launch its first ever venture outside of London – Burger & Lobster brought us on to help support its PR campaign around the December 2014 opening.

We devised the social media campaign #Cardifflobsterhunt in order to drive a buzz around the opening of the new site and create a desire for lobster among social influencers in the Welsh capital.



  • Create an organic buzz on social media
  • Get eager diners, media and influencers talking about lobster on and offline – naturally linking to the brand and its arrival in Cardiff

What we did

  • Designed and posted numerous MISSING lobster posters around Cardiff city centre
  • Hid 17 plastic lobsters in a mix of big brand stores with a high footfall, as well as smaller independent stores with active social media profiles
  • Each lobster was attached to a tag encouraging people to tweet a picture using the hashtag #cardifflobsterhunt – finding a lobster and posting a pic secured a spot at the glitzy launch party
  • Worked with social influencers like @ILovesTheDiff and media to share details of the lobster hunt with their own networks
  • Encouraged shop owners to tweet mysterious clues about lobsters hanging out in their shop – indirectly suggesting they may be hiding a #Cardifflobsterhunt lobster



  • The campaign hashtag #Cardifflobsterhunt achieved:
    • 95 Tweets including 48 direct @ Tweets
    • 61,000 unique views
    • 300,845 timeline deliveries overall
  • Interest from local media to create a news story from the social buzz
  • Conversation centred not only around lobsters that had been found and those who missed out – but on the opening of the restaurant itself with people adopting the hashtag to engage more generally with the @Burger_Lobster account