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Giving a global brand’s stories more mileage

You are a major global brand.

Everyone knows you. But do you have the reputation you deserve?

How can you get your voice heard in a world that is distracted, has pre-conceived ideas about you or takes your products and services for granted?

The team at this global oil and gas company recognised that they could get more mileage from their activities - but only if they could tell their story better.

Recognising they needed expert help, Working Word created a new way ahead, to put them on the right road for success.



  • Establishing the validity of story telling in  a global business context
  • Enable a global network of communication advisers and managers to create more compelling content
  • Recognise the need for creating stories that can cross multi-channel platforms
  • Create a set of sustainable tools for everyday use by communications teams around the world.

What we did

  • The key challenges were to establish the value of storytelling skills while also providing easy-to-use tools to ensure any learning could readily be used in the real world, long after the workshop

  • Real life organisational examples from all corners of the globe were used from road safety, new product launches, CSR activities in Australia to piracy off the Somalia coast. 

  • By using a training process called Action Learning team members transformed their raw material of everyday information into distinctive, compelling and authentic stories.


Our Approach and Results

  • We created a ‘Story Engine’ Toolkit to equip and enable team members to dramatise their communications to achieve greater impact, cut-through and memorability - to deepen Brand engagement with the brand through powerful storytelling.  The Toolkit is now used across the globe.

  • In addition to great positive feedback from the client - an anecdote, appropriately a story, illustrated its real impact:“I was in a course today in the Hague on speechwriting where someone from our course brought up ‘set-up/jeopardy/resolution (a technique from the course)- matter of factly  - as if they’d always known it!”

  • A sure sign of learning and skills development that has been embedded - and taken on board by the team.