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Content Marketing and SEO


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting you to the top of Google's search rankings. Google regularly crawls the internet to check that your site is in top working order and that you haven’t been behaving badly. Google are essentially a digital Father Christmas. 

How can I make Google love me?

You can’t just wing this one- you need to make sure that you do whatever Google tells you to do, or otherwise you will be disciplined and sent to the bottom of the rankings. Poor page rankings means no clicks, no clicks means no conversions. 

Audit time

We’ll run an initial audit and correct anything that might be wrong (trust us- there usually always is!). We collaborate with our sister company Move Digital to ensure that we trim the fat and give you some digital muscle. 

The power of blogs

Google falls in love with sites that are live and relevant – this means that you need to update your website with interesting, relevant content. The best way to do this is to tell your story through an on-site blog. Give your audience new chapters of the evolving story of your organisation.

Keyword analysis

Used properly, keywords are one of the more effective ways of generating inbound traffic. We identify your competitors so that we can analyse which keywords work best for them. The idea is that we will divert traffic from them to you which will then convert. 

Driven by data

Part of the SEO process is being able to track your data – we need to know who’s visiting your site, what they are doing and whether they are converting. We will track this data and give you a monthly report that paints a clear picture of what is and what isn’t working.

Creating links

Generating traffic to your site through an external link is a tough gig. You used to be able to coast this by churning out loads of rubbish, low-quality external links. Nowadays you need to be smart and deliver content that people actually want to read. It’s got to be from a good-quality website and needs to divert people back to your site. 

Social savvy

The world's social these days.  It's not a passing fad. Your organisation needs the right team to manage your community, turn your influencers into advocates and create content that cuts through and converts.